Address from G M GADD OBE, Colonel (Retd).
National Chairman BKVA

Dear Veteran,

The British Korean Veterans Association was formed in September 1981 since when many veterans of the Korean War, and those who served in the Peace Keeping Forces in Korea and Japan after the war, have become members of the Association. At this particular time in our lives most of us have reached or passed the age of retirement and find that we have time on our hands. The Circular  "About the BKVA", gives you an idea of the work done on behalf of Korean veterans and of what the BKVA can offer. Membership of the association gives you an interest to pursue and the opportunity to find those friends and colleagues whom you probably remember but have not heard from for many years. We have 58 branches up and down the country and there is almost certainly one with which we can put you in touch, where you will be made very welcome. At this time we have over 4,600 members and find that our membership is rising. Please accept this letter as a personal invitation to become a member of the BKVA which will enable you to participate with others in a common interest and allow you to enjoy the fellowship of friends. I look forward to meeting you at some time in the future.

Yours sincerely G M GADD.

From The BKVA Executive Committee Regardig The Future of the BKVA

Please read by activating the link below, a presentation by BKVA Executive Committee resulting from the Members presentat the Extra-Ordinary Meeting on Saturday 19th.October 2013 deciding by a majority vote that the Association should disband at a time and date to be decided by the National Executive in conjunction with the Trustees of the BKVA


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