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Lost Comrades Page

Updated 3rd September 2006

Message entered in site guestbook on Monday 07/17/2006

Jackie Dillon e-mail 

is Looking for information/description or photograph of her Grandad Private 'Dougie' Douglas Cason 926712, who served with the Gloucester and Gave his life on February 15th 1951 at the battle for Hill 362.

She wrote : Thanks- any informatin greatly appreciated as his daughter (my mum) has never seen his photograph.

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A search request has been received from the Daughter of Korean Veteran, Private Alan Pritchard,

It read :   "My Dad, 22233303 Pte Alan Pritchard, served in Korea with the 1st Battalion Middlesex Regiment. He sadly died in 1990. I am in possession of a number of photos taken in camp(s) and on R&R. If anyone is interested in seeing them, please let me know, and I would be happy to e-mail them. If anyone remembers my Dad, I would be interested to hear from them too. I was proud to be a soldier's daughter and now I'm proud to be a soldier's mother".

wlchbdg.jpg (4433 bytes)

Welch Regiment Search

A search request has been received for a Cpl 'Butch' Davies, who served in Korea with the 1/Welch. He was a regular soldier.
John Prescott, the searcher, informs me that Butch was from North Wales.

He had dark hair and eyes, that he looked more Italian than British, he was of average height (aprox. 5' 8").

From the brief details John was able to provide, it would appear Butch served in Korea with Battalion HQ.

After Korea, while the Regiment was stationed in Hong Kong, 'Butch' got married.

The marriage produced one child in 1959, he was named Christopher. After 40+ years John
cannot recall Butch's his wife's name.

From Hong Kong in 1956 Butch was posted to Luneburg Germany where his duties were that of Rations Cpl

on the QM Staff. It was there that John first met him, he also taking up duties on the QM Staff.

In 1957/58 the two of them were together in Cyprus.

Their paths parted when John was posted to Maindy Barracks Cardiff in early 1959

Butch was still serving on the QMs when John was posted to Maindy in early 1959.

If you think you recognise Cpl 'Butch' Davies from these details, please contact either John Prescott,

E-mail :- t or the Webmaster of this site :-

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This Page Updated 30th. November 2005


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Just Surfed In


Northumberland, UK


My father-in-law was Fusilier Isaac Corbett, 1 RNF, killed during Battle for Hill 217, Kwong San, Oct 1951. Isaac was signaller for 8th Hussars liaison officer LT JCF Walker. Lt Walker was killed alongside Isaac. My Wife and I are soon to visit the cemetery at Pusan and would be delighted to hear from anyone who knew or remembers either of these brave men.


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Herefordshire UK


Enjoyed reading the guestbook, excellent site. I served with 'C' Squadron, 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars in Korea. Service with 8H 1950 - 1955. A great regiment to have served with, full of great characters and good comrades.


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swindon wilts


served in the R,SIGS on attachment with 20fld R.A we called our Troop the FIGHTING FOXES anybody out there rember me? made up mainly of EX BOT SOLDIE


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Search Engine


Doagh, Co.Antrim


My father 4134246 Sgt Brian'Dick'Yates served with the South Staffords in Korea, I don't know where when or what and I'd like to find out. If anyone knows anything please let me know, thanks


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Cornwall UK


I have at last been able to find and contact my buddie Norman Pillinger we spent our National Service time together. We served in 1st Commonwealth Sigs 'A' Troop during 1951-52 At last we have renwed our friendship after 53 years. Is there anyone out there who was there with us under the command of Capt Haycock or Lieu Donne if so please contact me George


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would like to find anyone who served in
the 61st L.A.A Royal Artillery Regiment
/ 42nd Mortar Btry Korea from end of
1953/54 if you are out there get in


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My Dad, John Robottom served with the 14th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, in Korea from Nov 1951 to July 1952 and would love to hear from anyone who may have served with him. Please contact me via email


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West Sussex. UK


Went to Korea on the Devonshire in late 1951. Served with the KOSB, D company under Roddy Robertson-Macloud. for about a year. Looking for Lieut Michael Barclay of The Leicestershire Regt


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Just Surfed In


Littlehampton West sussex


My dad was attached to the Royal Signals and served in Korea somewhere between 1949-1953 I think it was the latter he was a generater repairer with the 28th brigaid he sailed in on HMS Empire Foley and returned on HMS Pride he was based at Green Howards Barracks in Beverley Hull his home was in mansfield then,he rembers a few names Dennis Coward,Dennis Garside and Fumagali If anyone knows him please make contact with me he is quite poorly now. Thanks to Bert Bartlett who has given me advice of where to go

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  Gerry Evans (Saint)                                                    

Just Surfed In


Royal Norfolk Regiment, 1951/52. Any old comrades out there? Harry Long, Pa Cooper, Sparrow (Ron), John Henshaw, Stan Underhill. B Company.



Tuesday 12/14/2004 10:29:41pm                              


John Roberts




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Just Surfed In


Murfreesboro, Tennessee USA

Comments ?:

I am a Red Cross Volunteer.I am looking for a Pvt. Harry Benn who is in this photo published in the American Red Cross Korean War Commemrative calendar, published in 2000.The patch on his shoulder is of the 27th Inf. Brigade(Diamond shaped with Cross in it?) The photo is of 7 United nations servicemen and 1 Red Cross Gal standing around a piano in the Pusan club. Dated 1950. Any information will be greatly appreciated. It's for my "Project Find" I started in 2003. If he has passed away, maybe there is a relative I could contact? If there are any questions, please contact me on my e-mail. You and our men are not forgotten by us.
John Roberts-A.R.C.Volunteer

h_ben_kor_pno.jpg (76623 bytes)Click on image to enlarge

Bob Edwardson of the Birmingham branch calling, as a result of my advert on teletext for the event of 27th July I have had a cry for help in tracing an old comrade, Jim priestly, 5 meadow close,Ballywalter,Co Down, N.I. BT22 2NS Tel, ex R.E. seeks old pal originally a boy miner from Upton, Yorks, Sapper William(Billy) Acland, 36 Engr Regt, Maidstone, 1951/52,

went to Korea and then lost touch. Any help would be appreciated,


The following Photograph and message was receive from the Daughter Reginald Ernest Hope.

karensdad.jpg (6824 bytes)

Reg Hope ex Middlesex Regt.

Dear Sirs,

I realise that you probably get a lot of communication with this subject matter but I had to contact you.
My father was in action in Korea, with 1st Battalion Middlesex Regiment.  I have already researched his previous army record during WW2 in Germany but am finding it hard to ascertain where he was during the Korean conflict.  I can see why some refer to it as 'the forgotten war' as there is not much information I have found to date!

He was a Corporal at the time, his name was Reginald Ernest Hope (DOB 19.2.1918) and his service number was 6202925.  I have been in touch with Major Morris of the Middlesex Regimental Association around a year ago and a few people since then have suggested I contact the Korean Veterans Association.
I have a photo album of his from this time and there are various mentions of the 'new territory' and 'Sek Kong, BEAS Camp' but I have no idea what this refers to as I haven't been able to find these references anywhere!

Any information that you could give me regarding any additional research sources would be very much appreciated as I desperately want to remember my father for all he did for his country as well as all he did for me as a father.
I have attached a picture of him, I don't know whether you have a message board service but would appreciate it if you could see if you can help in any way with my search.
Thank you in advance for any help (however little) you can give me.
Yours hopefully

Karen Hope

I'm posting this in the hope that one of your members may have served with my late father-in-law who served in Korea with the REME. His name was Thomas Walker but I can't tell you much else as he died in 1954 back in civvy street. We only have one picture of him which has part of a title at the bottom "GINZA BEER HALL TOK"? Seems to be an R&R location and the name might not be complete. I know it's a long shot but please get in touch if anybody knew him or knows where the picture was taken.
Rod George



Henry (Harry) Carter-Jackson.

Harry who served with the Glosters in Korea is sought by Doreen Stevens, Secretary of Ely Branch BKVA.

Will Harry, or anyone with knowledge of him, please phone the Webmaster of this site on 020 8255 1299,

or e-mail with :-

The Son of a Korean Veteran seeks information from friends and Comrades of his late Father.

Paul Dowson writes :-

Just visited your roll of honour and wondered if you may be able to help me in my search for former comrades of my late father

(George Dowson) who served in the welch reg't in korean war.

My father died 18 years ago as a result of heart attack which was the long term problem caused by rheumatic fever which he got in Korea.

I hope you will be able to help me in my search and I will be grateful for any advice you can offer.

I do not know what company of the regiment he served with unfortunately, however I can tell you that he came from Newcastle upon Tyne, and was a proper geordie lad.

He was medically discharged whilst serving in Korea, with Rheumatic fever however he saw action on one of the hills which he did tell me,

when I was a child, was situated next to another which they called "old Baldy"

I hope this is useful information, Many thanks for looking into this for me I appreciate it.

Paul Dowson

Lance Corporal Frederick Thomas

A Mr. GP Wells seeks information about his Grandfather, who fought in the Korean war, in the Middlesex Regiment 1st Battalion

Lance Corporal Fredrick Thomas (TF) Burgon. No904FS section.

He passed away May 3rd 1975. All Gary knows about his Granddad is that he was in the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers in the

second world war and the Middlesex Regiment 1st Battalion.

If there is anyone who knows him and served with him, please could you e-mail Gary on

or contact him via Mr G. P. Wells. 75 Lord Nelson Street, Howley. Warrington. Cheshire. WA1 2JF Tel.:-

A find a Comrade request from Mal Rainbow (Sunshine)

      NZ 13137  ex Royal New Zealand Navy       Medical Branch


of the :

New Zealand Korea Veterans Association
(Auckland North Branch)

Mal says:  I need a contact in the Royal Engineers , (who is coming out in Oct), for a Brit in our branch ....anyone you know could get in touch  ?

and 2. another brit Stan Fennell 22121578 R.A.O.C. would like to find anybody who remembers him, he has been out here for some time now.....

trained Deep Cut, Aldershot and was in Korea 50 - 53.........Regards to all from NZ....Mal Rainbow


This message recently received from the Son of Sergeant Ike Smith of 'Y' Company the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.

Are there any ex RNF who may have served with, or new of Ike.

Are there any RNF Veterans who can give his Son Ian some idea of the action and activities of the Regiment whilst in the line in Korea.


My father recently died, his name was Ike Smith. He served in korea in 1950.

He was in the Northumberland Fusiliers at the Imjin River, as far as I know.

I would like to know if any of your members served with him & could shed some light on what he & his company went through.

His company was "Y"company he was a sergeant



21126714 Private C.H. Griffiths, Welch ???????

It is hoped through this page we can help reunite old comrades of all branches of the British military, who served together in any of the active campaigns, from the second World War to the Gulf War.

The objective will be to achieve a pool of the 'Seekers' and the 'Sought'

The format will be based on identifying the the applicant / the 'Seeker' by campaign, date served, Branch of the services, unit, service number, rank, name, plus any nickname used at the time of the acquaintance and Home Town, who will provide as much of the same detail that he/she has recorded, or can recall, to identify the 'Sought'.


Seeker :-Korea Conflict. 55/56. Army.

37 Field Bakery Platoon. RASC

12345678. Pte. Steven Turrel. 

Sought:-   Korean Conflict, September 1955 to June 1956 Army.

37 Field Bakery Platoon. RASC

????????. Pte.George Rose. Liverpool.


Identity details as above.

???????? Pte. Eddie McAuthur


The 'Chindits'

A ? ? ? Howard who served with Wingate's Chindits in Burma

( Mr. Howard has unfortunately passed away since his search request )


Ted Cross also of the Chindits

wlchbdg.jpg (4433 bytes)

The Welch Regiment Korea 1951 to 1952

MMG Platoon Support Company ( Hook and Hill 355)

Gerald O'Shea MM. (was Cpl. Heard promoted to Sgt.)

Cpl Griffiths,   Ginger Warbrick, Morgan Ball,  ? Jones 72

(Cooky) Cooke,   Bob Stevens,  ? Jenkins

Where are they now


Mr R. C. Richards. brother of  John Patrick Richards.(Glosters Att. Welch Regt.)( Killed in Action   

in the Samichon Valley on the 25th. December 1951) (see Honour Roll) Seeks any comrades of John.

Contact Details :- R. C. Richards, 'Colleen' Devon Tors Road, Yelverton. Devon PL20 6DN



The Welch Regiment Korea 1951 to 1952

MMG Platoon Support Company ( Hook and Hill 355)

Gerald O'Shea MM. (was Cpl. I heard he was promoted to Sgt.)

Cpl Brown,    Ginger Warbrick, Morgan Ball,  ? Jones 72

(Cooky) Cooke,    Bob Stevens,  ? Jenkins

Where are they now

Also Welch Regiment, Seeker Paul Owens. The Son of the late Trevor William Owens of the Welch Regiment, is seeking information from anyone who served with, or knew of his Father.  Trevor was from Grangetown, Cardiff.

He joined the army as a 'Boy Soldier', in the Regimental Band, going on to serve in Hong Kong, Aden, Germany and Korea.

Will anyone who recalls anything that could be of assistance to Paul please send it to:



Snail-Mail :- 6, Warwick Close, Hampton. Middlesex. TW12 2TY

Can you put a name to this face


Welch Regiment Rifle Coy. Korea '52

wlchwho.jpg (18661 bytes)

wlchcq.jpg (20923 bytes)    wlchpdy.jpg (23488 bytes)    wchcpl.jpg (20678 bytes)   

And where are these now. Photographed at Company HQ Sami-Chon/Hook early '52

blaze_rwf.jpg (22531 bytes)                                   wlchbdg.jpg (4433 bytes)

Seeker : 14476491 Fus./ Private Nelson (Butch) Cooper RWF / Welch Regt.

Recent contact has been made with  14476491  Pte. Nelson (Butch) Cooper.

Butch was with the Welch Regt. in Korea. at JRBD Kure and at the Hara Mura Battle School Japan.

Prior to joining the 1st Battalion the Welch Regiment for it's tour of Korea Butch was with the Royal Welch Fusiliers,

That Regiment at the time was serving in Germany.

He is now living in Portsmouth. Any of his old comrades wishing to make contact should E-mail the

Webmaster of this site via for his home address and telephone number, or

Write to C. Haynes

6, Warwick Close, Hampton. Middlesex. TW12 2TY

By the time you find greener pastures, you can't climb the fence!

Every time I get the urge to exercise, I lie down till the feeling passes


2527302 LAC RON KITCHENHAM ("Kitch")
National Service 1951-54
RAF Hendon
Home town: Brentford Seeks information about:

Royal Marines 41 Commando
Home: Acacia Avenue, Brentford
Died of dysentery 6/1/51 whilst a PoW

and his brother, WALLY HEARD (Wallace, Walter?), Service details unknown, but
believed to be National Service at the same time.


Any details about the above personnel gladly received.  They were all
schoolmates until joining the Services, and Ron would like to get in contact
with Wally if possible.  Please pass contacts or information to Jack Cox at
e-mail above for forwarding to Ron.

Many thanks


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